Exercise for better health

  • Perfect for walking, running and cycling
  • Evaluate your workouts
  • Exercise program adapted to your physical shape
  • Get information about your health

Track different activities

The app is suitable for all types of activities. Both for walking, running, cycling and indoor training. An activity tracker in the app shows the number of HIT (high-intensity training) minutes per session. These minutes are what make your health, shape and performance better.

Lower your biological age

Myworkout GO is the only app globally that can measure maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) and biological age with such a low margin of error that it is precise enough to use for medical purposes. Your VO2 max says more about your health than any other parameter we know.


"I use the app both outdoors and indoors on a treadmill, and vary between running flat and downhill 😊 With the app, I do not have to hold control of the time myself, and it is motivating to see progress from session to session"

Frida 25 years,

Effective training program tailored to you

Based on your biological age, you will receive a training program to help you progress as fast as possible. A voice in the app tells you how to train as effectively as possible.
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